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Below are newsletters written to encourage and support our community through the COVID-19 pandemic

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Here are four CCS publications which cover a wide range of counseling and mental health related topics specifically as they relate to Shanghai:

Below are a variety of other articles written by our CCS counselors:

How to Increase Your Productivity, Instantly

By Jon Sedarati None of us have much time. And yet you act as if things were eternal[.] –        Marcus Aurelius[1] Today’s the Day Picture this: You wake up, triumphantly pull your bed sheets to one side, get up and exclaim “Today’s the day!” Today’s the day I’m going to start that project I’ve been … Continued

Protecting Your Marriage In Times of Stress

By Carrie Jones, LCSW As wonderful and beautiful as they are, relationships can sometimes be challenging even in the best of times. In times of stress, the challenges and difficulties often are magnified. As we all well know, the Coronavirus outbreak is a tremendously stressful time period in many different ways. Thankfully, we have seen many good … Continued

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