Meet Karlene Rowland - Interim Director of Counseling

Karlene is from New Zealand where she studied Psychology and Law at undergraduate level before coming to China 23 years ago. She holds an MSc in Mental Health Psychology from the University of Liverpool as well as a post-graduate degree in Education from the University of Nottingham. She has worked as Clinical Psychologist, in tertiary education and corporate training throughout her career. Karlene has extensive experience in designing and delivering workshops and corporate training sessions on an array of topics related to workplace mental health, workshop facilitation skills, conflict resolution and negotiation as well as overall employee and workplace wellbeing. She was the Operations Director and Training Manager at Lifeline China for five years and has also created training programs on suicide prevention and intervention having spent many years training volunteers to work on a crisis helpline for mental health support, covering a range of topics and issues such as relational violence, addictive behavior Karlene’s background also includes substantial experience in syllabus and curriculum design for tertiary education programs at masters and pre-masters level, in addition to assessment creation and evaluation. Karlene is passionate about raising awareness around mental health on both a local and global level and aims to reduce stigma and misunderstanding surrounding this crucial area of human existence.

Karlene Rowland, MSc

Downtown, Online | English
Canada Registered Counselor

Adrian Hosler, NCC

Online | English
USA National Certified Counselor

Anna Tian, PACFA

Pudong, Online, Puxi | English, Mandarin
Australia Registered Counsellor

Annie Li, MA

Pudong, Online | English, Mandarin
USA Trained Counselor

Bella Wu, M.S., NCC

Online | English, Mandarin
卫健委 心理治疗师, California Associate Professional Clinical Counselor, Washington Associate Mental Health Counselor

CH Huang, LMSW

Online | English, Mandarin
USA Licensed Master Social Worker

Carrie Jones, LCSW

Online | English
USA Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Cecilia Ding (丁希希), CCC

Online | English, Mandarin
Canadian Certified Counselor, Self Growth Coach

Corrine Wu, AMFT, CCC

Online | English, Mandarin
USA Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Canadian Counselor, 国家二级心理咨询师

Curt Spigelmyre, MA, LMFT

Online | English
USA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Eason Shang, M.Ed., M.S., M.B.

Pudong, Online | English, Mandarin
Canadian Certified Counselor, China Licensed Psychotherapist

Eunice Lazar, LP, MS

Online | Romanian, English
Romania Certified Counselor

Dr. Hifumi Ohnishi, LP, Phd

Downtown, Pudong | English, Japanese
USA Licensed Psychologist

Jon Sedarati, MBACP

Downtown, Pudong | English
UK Registered Counsellor

Jessica Yin

Online | English, Mandarin
USA Counselor

Joon Yun, M.Ed, NCC

Pudong, Downtown | English, Korean
USA School Counselor

Javiera Rebora, MA

Online | Spanish
Chile Psychologist

Katrina Robin Volante, RMHCI

Online | English
USA Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Linlin Allen, MBACP

Downtown, Online | English, Mandarin
UK Registered Psychotherapist


Pudong, Downtown, Online | English, Mandarin
Australia Registered Counsellor

Lydie Bonnet, MSCP

Online | French, English
France Certified Clinical Psychologist

Laura Swartz, MA

Currently not accepting new clients | English
USA Registered Counseling Associate

Marina Kalashnikova, MA

Online | Russian, English, Spanish
Russia Certified Psychologist

Mirian Bonomi, LP, MS

Not Accepting New Clients | English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, a little French
Brazil Licensed Psychologist

Nancy (Shengmei) Spigelmyre, LMFT

Online | English, Mandarin
USA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Dr. Cheng Qi

Downtown, Pudong, Online | Mandarin, English
Psychologist, Counselor, Child Life Specialist

Sharon Lui, MAMFT

Minhang | Cantonese, Mandarin, English
Marriage and Family Therapist

Scott Shen, LSW

Pudong, Downtown | Mandarin, English, Shanghainese
USA Licensed Social Worker

Sarah Yao

Downtown | English, Mandarin
UK Trained Play Therapy Intern

Theresa Decker, MA

Downtown | English
Marriage and Family Therapy

Tianyi Ma, MSc

Online | Mandarin, English, a little Spanish
UK Trained Psychoanalyst

Dr. Vilia Lyell, D.litt et Phil

Downtown | English, Afrikaans
South Africa Clinical Social Worker, Psychologist

Wenjing Pu, CCC

Downtown, Pudong, Online | Mandarin, English, Shanghainese
Canadian Certified Counsellor, 国家二级心理咨询师

Tonye Stuurman

Pudong | English
CCS Counseling Volunteer

How to Apply as a Consultant:

To be considered to possibly join as a consultant, we require a Masters Degree in a counseling related, at least 2 years post Masters Degree experience and a mental health licence. Anyone interested can contact Carrie Jones at 13636317474 for an interview process.

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