Community Center Shanghai’s charity initiatives provide the community rewarding and memorable opportunities to give and serve.

Giving Tree:

In 2020, Giving Tree helped support 4,500 children from migrant schools in Shanghai and village schools in Yunnan. Gift bags filled with essential items were sent to 4 schools in Shanghai and 9 schools in Yunnan. We are thankful to everyone who helped support the 2020 Giving Tree Program. The work of Giving Tree is far reaching and would not be possible without the combined efforts of our donor organizations, supporters, volunteers and staff.

In 2021, we will work to maximize our impact and continue to  help those who need it most. This year Giving Tree aims to go beyond the bag, be brave, purposeful and engaging. To accomplish this, Giving Tree needs your support, we hope you’ll join us.

If you are interested in giving back and getting involved with Giving Tree in 2021 please email us at

Scan the QR code below to watch a brief video-recap of the 2020 Giving Tree program:

Scan the QR code below to watch a brief video-recap of the 2019 Giving Tree program:

Support Giving Tree by purchasing a set of Giving Tree Greeting Cards. Each of these beautifully illustrated cards was hand drawn by a Giving Tree recipient and represents a unique story. The cards can be purchased directly from CCS Pudong and Minhang offices or by emailing Price is only 50RMB per set with all proceeds going towards the Giving Tree program.

Bring It Back to the Book

The Giving Tree Charity is named after the famous children’s book, The Giving Tree, which was written and illustrated by Shel Silverstein. The story follows the lives and relationship of a boy and an apple tree. If you haven’t read the book yet, or are looking for a refresher, there is a link below to a video of the story:

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Throughout the story there are multiple themes present and many different interpretations have stemmed from this. The key messages that have inspired our Giving Tree Charity are as follows:

It’s not about giving to takers, we should give in ways that nurture more giving

Inspire others to pay it forward

Giving doesn’t have to be a sad act of sacrifice or something you have to do at your own expense

It can be joyous and something you choose to do for the benefit of others

This is what Giving Tree is all about – Giving in a way that nurtures more giving! We hope you’ll join the movement and help us support those who need it most.


Are you looking for a way to make a meaningful impact in Shanghai? Ready to start volunteering? Or just want to explore community service opportunities? 

This is your chance to meet with different charitable organizations and learn how you can make a difference. CCS CharityLINK events take place 2-3 times each year.

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Want to Be a Charity Volunteer?

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Good Books for a Good Cause:

The Community Center Shanghai’s Pudong Center is accepting book donations for its Used Book Library. We sell these books for 10 RMB each, although people are also free to bring in books and exchange them for others on the shelf. Proceeds from book sales benefit Giving Tree.

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