Sometimes a single issue or a combination of several issues can surface simultaneously and create temporary, intense stresses and/or crises.  Community Center Shanghai has a Counseling Department consisting of around 20 professional counselors here to help if you or someone you know could use some extra support.

Most clients are high functioning, well-organized individuals and families who find our services useful in coping with a challenging period or time of transition in their lives. 

We also are able to offer subsidized counseling services in special situations that can support people who are struggling financially but still need counseling support.  This service is made possible entirely through donations from the community.

The three most common issues our counselors see are depression, anxiety, and relationship issues.  However, our counselors also see and have experience supporting clients with a wide range of other issues including but not limited to addictions, anger, parenting issues, behavioral issues, eating disorders, culture shock and transition, workplace issues, stress, identity issues, and grief and loss.

Our counselors come from various countries around the world and offer counseling services in multiple languages. Our counselors have a broad range of backgrounds, experience, and  specialties and see not only individual clients of all ages, but also couples and families. Counselors are available at 3 different locations (Pudong JinQiao, Downtown Huaihai Lu and Minhang) and some are available evenings and weekends as well as traditional business hours.  

We have included the most current information about our counselors, including their photos, biographies, and availability, in the Counselor section on this website.  In additional to counseling sessions, our counselors are available to present workshops and seminars on a variety of topics and issues and available  to go into schools and workplaces for crisis response when needed. If you find yourself or someone you care for in a position of need, please contact our counseling department wechat: CCS-Counseling, Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm, or email us at We are here to help you!

How to Choose a Therapist

Perhaps you’re not even sure how to begin looking for help.  The mental health profession can be complex and confusing.

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In Case of an Emergency or Crisis

Sometimes situations escalate and more intensive or more immediate help than what our therapists can offer is needed.

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