Opening New Doors! 2021 Fall Guide Magazine Now Published

We are excited to launch our Community Center Shanghai (CCS) 2021 Fall Guide Magazine. Please pick up your printed Guide at the Pudong and Minhang Centers, as well as, CCS partner schools and organizations. Or click to read the pdf version.

As you read this issue, we will be on the other side of the summer season and moving towards fall. This is a special issue for me – all of them are, but this is particularly special. It’s the last issue that I will produce as the Executive Director of CCS. And so, choosing Opening New Doors as the theme for this issue seemed fitting.

Doorways always represent a choice – the choice to stay or to go, or to take one path or another. The metaphor of a corridor of doors is often used to represent a multitude of choices. But before a choice comes a decision, so doorways can represent the act of making decisions itself,or the fear and inertia of indecision (a point beautifully made by Louise Roy in her article on page 12).

I encourage you to read all the articles in this issue – get inspired to let go and start over again (Renee’s article on page 14), embrace the change no matter how scary (Evert’s article on page 10), step through every open door (Nicki’s article on page 13), be comfortable with change and chaos (Heather’s article on page 11), embrace the adventure (Dewayne’s article on page 9), and most of all don’t die with the music inside you (Tanja’s article on page 15).

I hope the next door you open filled with the magic of new beginnings.  Thank you all in the community for affording me this journey in Shanghai – it’s been magical.

Senait Petros Tekeste

CCS Executive Director

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