Hello from CCS! the new FAll Guide Magazine is published.

Dear friends,

Community Center Shanghai (CCS) publishes three issues of the Guide magazine each year. I am excited to introduce you this Fall issue.  Download a copy here.

This is my first issue as new Executive Director for CCS, and I feel privileged to welcome you to Fall in Shanghai!  Perhaps you have just arrived in Shanghai and are feeling a little isolated or perhaps Shanghai has been your home from some time, and you have returned feeling revitalized after your summer break – ready to meet new people and looking forward to new challenges.

Moving to a new city can be exciting, but it can also be anxiety-inducing as there is so much to learn and everything is new and unfamiliar.  Each of us have had to find the inner strength we didn’t know we possessed as we boxed up our homes, left careers, friends and family and boarded planes to Shanghai and into the unknown.

Now that you are here, what a great opportunity to take a pause, reflect and rediscover yourself and your new role here.  I hope that you think of CCS as that friend you can reach out to and hold your hand as you navigate your journey in Shanghai (see page 20). I hope you are encouraged by the experience of different people’s transition story in Shanghai (see page xx) and I hope CCS connects, enables and supports you to adapt to and thrive in Shanghai through the great services we offer. 

If you are new to Shanghai, come and join one of our must-attend free half-day orientation program (see page 23) find a time and place that suits you; in partnership with Parkyard Hotel we host a party for newcomers come along and join us (see page xx); are you interested in community events, languages, cooking, dancing, fitness, art or photography?  Stop by our Pudong or Minhang offices or browse our website to sign up.

As a foreigner, CCS is your home away from home – let us help you adapt to this wonderful city and thrive!

Senait Petros Tekeste.

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