Curt Spigelmyre, MA, LMFT

USA Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Languages: English
Works with: Couple, Family, Individual
Locations: Online

Curt is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who graduated from Wheaton College, IL, USA. He specializes in assisting individuals, couples, and families who are in times of transition and/or facing challenging situations. Curt has done extensive work helping those with trauma, loss and grief issues, and struggling with addictions.

Curt’s counseling approach uses a variety of different methods with his clients based on their presented need including emotional focused therapy, attachment theory, family system therapy, internal family systems, mindfulness, cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and solution-focused therapy.  

Curt seeks to provide a safe place for clients to be seen, heard, and accepted. He aspires to help couples deepen their connection by addressing their underlying wounds and supporting them towards great openness and transparency to each other. Curt actively connects with and understands his clients and their stories. Some of us have never been invited to explore parts of our story that deeply affected us. Our lives are often so busy that we do not give ourselves permission to listen to what our bodies are telling us about the stress and/or the pain that we carry until we get crushed underneath by what overwhelms us.

Curt has cross-cultural experience in various teaching and counseling positions in southeast Asia for fifteen years. He also had a cross cultural marriage with his wife Nancy who he has been married to for thirteen years. In his free time, he likes eating good food, watching movies, listening to music, cycling, swimming, reading, and playing with his three energetic boys.

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