Cecilia Ding (丁希希)

Cecilia has had a passion for empowering others since high school. Her fight against domestic violence was featured in the New York Times(on the FAST track) and received awards from Hillary Clinton. After graduating from Harvard, she worked on venture capital and IPO projects. After achieving success with her own investment firm in the United States, Cecilia decided to return to her roots of helping others as a life coach. She has coached for many years and is now pursuing a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology (LMFT track) from Palo Alto University and receiving training in individual, family, couples counseling, and specialties such as play therapy and teletherapy.

While Cecilia came from a coaching background, she believes that clients ultimately have all the answers within themselves. She helps them uncover the power already within.  She guides her clients to answers rather than giving them the solution (授之以鱼不如授之以渔).  

Cecilia grew up in China and America. She studied in many countries and lives in a bicultural family. She appreciates the richness and challenge of a diverse community. Cecilia deeply respects everyone’s freedom to be the best version of themselves and believes family units, love, and aspirations come in many equally valuable forms. She sees clients of many ages, with a particular strength for helping couples and individuals managing transitions such as the birth of a new child, affairs, midlife anxiety, career changes.  

 She looks forward to meeting all that life will put in her path. 希希欢迎大家用中文咨询。

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