Anna Tian, PACFA

Australia Registered Counsellor

Education: Master of Counselling
Types of Therapy: ACT, CBT, Person-Centered
Languages: English, Mandrian
Works with: Teenager, Adult
Locations: Pudong, Online, Puxi

Anna has a Masters degree in Counselling with Monash University, Australia. Anna has almost fifteen years working experience as a registered nurse in the UK, Singapore, and China. Additionally, she has experience with international schools and students in China, currently working as a high school nurse for an international school in Shanghai. Anna has had broad experience supporting many teenagers and adults with a broad variety of physical and mental health issues during her time in hospitals and school. Her passion is providing a holistic approach for people who are not only physically in need, but also mentally and emotionally in need.

Anna 毕业于澳洲莫纳什大学咨询硕士专业。作为一名专业的注册护士Anna已拥有15年的临床工作经验,曾在英国和新家坡工作,现在是上海一所富有名望的国际学校的高中部护士兼护士长。她丰富的工作经验已帮助和提高了众多学生和病人的身心健康。她追求的理想是为有需要帮助的人提供全方位的身心咨询,让他们拥有更好的生活品质。


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