Wenjing Pu

Everyone has experienced dark moments in their lives and these times can make us lose our bearings and see only despair. Wenjing is no exception. Shortly after she graduated from university and became a structural engineer, a series of tragic events happened in her life. For almost a decade, Wenjing bore witness to many painful challenges affecting her family. This period left her feeling hopeless, sad, and desperate and completely stalled her previously advancing engineering career. Wenjing knows she can’t go back to that time and change history, but that she can bring positive influence to countless families experiencing their own challenges. In order to do just this, Wenjing decided to change careers to professional therapy.

Wenjing is now pursuing a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Palo Alto University in Palo Alto, California, U.S.A. Prior to being admitted to this program, she obtained the Chinese National Psychological Counselor license (Secondary Level) which was government-recognized for the practice of psychotherapy in China. Since 2013, Wenjing has devoted herself to volunteering in the mental health field, offering pro-bono lectures on the need for more broad-based psychological awareness among the public; answering a hotline for issues related to parenting, youth development, mental health, etc; and lastly as a contributing columnist and guest advisor at a Shanghai radio station program focusing on raising healthy children.

From her previous career in engineering, Wenjing is especially good at integrating rationality and sensibility into her counseling approach. Her theoretical orientation focus is psychodynamic and humanistic. Wenjing believes during dark moments, an unbiased trained advisor can lift another person up and spark a flame within them, resulting in hope and a better future.

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