Tianyi Ma, MSc

Education: MSc in Theoretical Psychoanalytical Studies; MSc in Psychological Studies; Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Program at Chicago Psychoanalytic Institute
Types of Therapy: Psychodynamic
Languages: English, Mandarin, a little Spanish
Works with: Adult
Locations: Online

Hello, it’s Tianyi. I got my Master’s degree in Psychological Studies in the University of Glasgow, and my second Master’s degree in Psychoanalytical Studies in the University College London. I continued with my two-year counseling training (APA model) with intensive supervision in China, and I have worked with adults and teenagers for more than 4 years.

I offer insight-oriented psychotherapy (“psychodynamic therapy”) for those looking to deepen their understanding of themselves and their relationships. People usually come to therapy with ‘problems’ in their daily life: feeling low, difficulties in intimate relationship, sleeping problems, lack of motivation, etc.. To better understand these problems, however, it is vital to understand a person as a whole, and to see how the past experience is affecting the current one, and the psychic dynamic beneath the ‘symptoms’.

My job is to listen, to understand, with benevolent curiosity and empathy. The aim of our therapy is to strengthen your own ability to understand yourself, because understanding oneself releases the energy necessary for change. Eventually, you come up with your own solutions to your problems, and to your life.

It takes time, and may not be a pleasant journey, but you don’t have to struggle alone. Please feel free to reach out if you are currently in a difficult situation and are willing to have a journey to explore yourself towards the inside. 


我的咨询取向是动力学取向,适合比较想要深度了解自己的关系模式以及个人成长的来访。 有的时候我们因为自己的“症状”来寻求帮助,比如情绪低落,亲密关系问题,睡眠问题,缺乏动力等等。要更好地理解这些问题,我们需要了解这个人的整体,过去的一些经历,以及“症状”后面的动力。

我会努力去倾听和理解你,带着我善意的好奇和共情。我们的咨询是为了让你有更好的能力去理解你自己,因为只有一个人能真正了解自己,才能把卡住的心理空间和能量释放出来,以用于改变现实世界的问题。 最终,你自己做出选择,你自己找到答案。

这需要时间,而且并不是一个轻松和容易的过程,但我会陪着你。 如果你有探索内心的意愿,你在生活中遇到了一些难题,欢迎你联系我。


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