Lydie Bonnet, MSCP

CCS Senior Practitioner
France Certified Clinical Psychologist

Education: Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology
Types of Therapy: Talk therapy, Family therapy, Parental guidance
Languages: French, English
Works with: Pre-teen, Teenager, Adult
Locations: Online

Lydie Bonnet is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist from France. She obtained a master’s degree in clinical psychology and psychopathology from Lyon 2 University.

She has worked in medical settings and educational organizations roviding individual and group therapy in both France and China.

In her practice, Lydie has had extended experience in the treatment of people suffering from anxiety, depression, loss of meaning in relation to work and/or life circumstances, and those with difficulties socializing. She also has specialized training in the use of theater and other art media in individual and group therapy for young people with emotional, behavioral and communication issues.

In her practice, she assists clients seeking relief from distress related to their mental and emotional health and accompanies them as they develop in their ability to understand and respond to their experience.

At CCS, Lydie provides individual therapy for adults, teenagers, and preteens as well as consultations for parents and families. She provides therapy in both French and English.

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