Linda Confalonieri, PhD

Linda Confalonieri, PhD is an Italian psychologist with a Master’s Degree in Psychology from  Catholic University of Milan (Italy) and a Doctorate Degree (PhD) in General Psychology from University of Milan-Bicocca where she worked on cognitive and intercultural psychology research projects. For two years, she lived in the U.S. as a visiting Research Scholar at the Department of Psychology, Emory University of Atlanta, Georgia, working on National Institute of Health projects. Linda has several years of clinical training and working experience in Italy and the U.S. in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). For the past four years, she lived in Shanghai (P.R.C.) collaborating with Community Center Shanghai – Counseling Department. She has been also Visiting Researcher at Shanghai Mental Health Center – Department of Mood Disorders (SMHC).

Linda is an expert in treating adults with anxiety, depression, personality disorders, and eating disorders. She also works with people experiencing problems related to cultural adjustment, relational difficulties, procrastination, perfectionism, impulsive and obsessive-compulsive behaviors, stress management, and low self-esteem. While flexibly adjusting protocols to each individual’s life experience, Linda strongly believes in scientific evidence-based treatments within the branch of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Her milestones for effective interventions are validating the individual’s emotions and thoughts, working together towards shared goals, considering the psychologist as expert in his/her field and the client as the expert of him/herself.

Linda now lives in Europe and is available for online sessions via WeChat videocalls or Skype.

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