Eunice Lazar, LP, MS

CCS Senior Practitioner
Romania Certified Counsellor

Education: MA Clinical Psychology
Types of Therapy: Systemic Family Therapy, CBT
Languages: Romanian, English
Works with: Adult, Teenager, Family, Child, Couple
Locations: Online

Eunice Adriana Lazar has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and post-graduate training from Systemic Family Therapy in Romania where she worked as a psychologist in a health care clinical practice for over 2 years with diverse cases and with clients of variety of ages (clinical assessment, career counselling, individual therapy for adults, adolescents, and children). Prior to this, she obtained a Master’s Degree in Work and Organizational Psychology from West University in Romania and pursued her career as an Organizational Psychologist where she brought a new perspective to organizational culture, hiring, and retention. During this time, she also worked on personal development assessments and trainings to help people be more aware of their mental health and wellbeing.  She continues to do this as part-time Organizational Psychologist and Trainer for a software engineering company in Shanghai.

Eunice is also currently an active volunteer for Shanghai Sunrise, an organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of poverty by raising funds for educational scholarships for underprivileged and at-risk youth.

Eunice’s hobbies and passions include personal development and wellbeing, painting, designing, reading, exploring the world and learning about different cultures and people, meditation, fitness, and snowboarding.

Clinical Assessment and Testing, Stress/Anxiety/Depression Therapy, Family/Couples Therapy, Early ages and Adolescent stages difficulties, ADHD, Self-Esteem, Personal development, Fitness and Wellbeing Counselling, Personal Evaluation/Assessment (Personality, EQ test, IQ test, Attention Mobility, Abilities tests, Career), Career Assessment and Counseling.

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