Cheng Qi

CCS Senior Practitioner
Psychotherapist, Counselor, Child Life Specialist

Education: Phd Candidate
Types of Therapy: Eclecticism, Solution-Focused, Postmodernism, Client-Center
Languages: Mandarin, English
Works with: Adult, Teenager, Child, Couple, Family
Locations: Downtown, Pudong, Online

Qi Cheng is a licensed psychologist/counselor, doctoral candidate in Psychology. She has a Master of Psychology degree from University of Pittsburgh and has worked in hospital and school setting for many years.

Qi Cheng got her systematical training in Family Therapy, Eriksonian-hypnosis, medical stress assessment and intervention, Solution Focused Therapy, and from Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh (U.S), KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (Singapore), and Osaka Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Japan. Prior to private practice, she worked in Beijing United Family Hospital and Shanghai International Hospital for 7 years. Cheng works with families to provide practical coaching sessions that equip parents with the tools and skills to help negotiate and manage behavior and emotional disturbances. Because of her clinical contributions, she won the International Mary Barkey Clinical Excellence Award in 2017, as the youngest during the past 100 years. She has also be invited as the guest speaker in 2019 Tedx Talk.

She specializes in
– Family issues: parenting issues / marriage issues / family dynamic / communication problems / child-adolescent emotional problems / child-adolescent behavior problems; infant & young children behavior & emotional problems;
– Medical issues: medical procedure related psychosocial support / end of life psychosocial support / medical trauma / grief;
– Crisis issues: Crisis prevention / intervention;
– Individual issues: depression /anxiety /phobia /sleeping problems /culture adaption / Career/ Study.

Besides the clinical work, Qi Cheng is the clinical supervisor and guest lecturer of many famous public hospitals and medical schools, the founder of the public WeChat account “The words of Cheng Qi”, and the contributing commentator of Youku, She has papers published in domestic and international core journals, including SSCI journals.

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