TCM Talk 2021 Fall:Healthy Eating With The 5 Element Cuisine @CCS Minhang

In TCM, the universe is made up of 5 Elements that reflect into the body via 5 organic systems. The Chinese believe that food therapy is a powerful and efficient method to reach physical balance and cure diseases. Discover how TCM categorizes food and pairs the ingredients together to cook healthy and balanced meals according to the 5 Elements theory. 

Our Speaker: Dr. Zheng

Dr. Zheng  worked at the Shanghai Hospital of TCM and as a guest doctor at the Diakoniessen Hospital of Austria. She had  been engaged in the municipal clinical research project “Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment of immune diseases.

Doctor Zheng provides suggestions on diet, daily life, emotional adjustment, exercise and other aspects of health, and formulates personalized treatment plans for patients.

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Class Details

  • Date: Sep 24, 2021
  • Time: 10:00 am
  • Location: Minhang
  • Price: 100 RMB per person

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