Tidy Your Home with the KonMari Method ®

There is a difference between cleaning and tidying. Cleaning is confronting dust while tidying is confronting our heart. By going through our belongings, we are embarking on a personal journey of self-discovery that reveals what matter most to us. Inspired by the bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Emmy-nominated Netflix series Tidy up with Marie Kondo, this two-part interactive workshop will guide you to tidy your own home with the world famous KonMari® tidying method.

Part 1: The KonMari® Mindset is the heart of the method which introduces you to the rules and philosophy of tidying from a positive perspective.

Part 2: The KonMari® Tidying Method shares with you the correct order of tidying, storage tips and folding demonstrations as you eventually discover the true purpose of tidying up.

With personal anecdotes and generous helping of grace, you will learn to conquer clutter and curate a home that sparks joy for you.

This event will be held in two separate centres of CCS, you can choose the nearest one:

  1. Pudong Center: Oct 19 and Oct 21
  • Part one on Oct 19 (Tuesday)
  • Part two on Oct 21 (Thursday)
  1. Minhang Center: Nov 9 and Nov 11
  • Part one on Nov 9 (Tuesday)
  • Part two on Nov 11 (Thursday)

*Please bring a favourite notebook and pen to class, thank you!

Eve Wee-Ang once thought tidying meant keeping everything, including things that no longer serves. Discarding them felt wasteful, and worse, what if she needs them someday? In 2014, an awakening came in the form of a book by Japanese author, Marie Kondo. In spring 2019, Eve flew to London to begin her certification process and 6 months later, she became the first Singaporean certified KonMari® consultant. Inspired by her own journey, she now guides people to discover the magic of tidying up on their own with the KonMari® method. Eve, mom of two, is also a columnist at Shanghai Family and Parents & Kids magazines.

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Class Details

  • Date: Oct 19, 2021
  • Time: 10:00 am
  • Location: Pudong
  • Price: 500 RMB/2 Sessions

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