Shaanxi Oil Spilled Noodles


Shaanxi Oil Spilled Noodles 陕西油泼面 also known as Yan noodles,Zhengtiao noodles and xiangstick noodles, originated in the Ming Dynasty. It is one of the traditional characteristic pasta dishes in (shǎn)西() Province. It is a delicious snack of Han nationality and belongs to Qin cuisine with a fresh and fragrant taste.

The production method is to make handmade noodles in boiling water after cooking in a bowl, the chopped green onion, pepper powder, salt and other ingredients and a thick layer of chili powder together on the surface, with burning hot vegetable oil poured on the seasoning, suddenly hot oil boiling, pepper noodles, hot cooked and full of red bowl, then adjust the appropriate amount of soy sauce, balsamic vinegar can be. You can also add waxed meat, green pepper potato shreds, green pepper eggs, tomato eggs, etc.

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Class Details

  • Date: Sep 5, 2023
  • Time: 10:30 am
  • Location: Pudong
  • Price: 280 RMB

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