Royal Academy of Dance Ballet


上海天爱芭蕾培训学校CISCA x Community Center Shanghai at Pudong center

Based on the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Children’s Graded Examinations Syllabus, these classes are suitable for all children from beginner to advanced. Emphasis will be placed on artistry, musicality, and classical techniques.

  • DC, 3 yrs+
  • Pre-Pramary, 4-5 yrs
  • Primary, 5-6 yrs
  • RAD Grade 1-3, 7yrs+
  • RAD Grade 4-5, 7-11yrs+
  • RAD Grade 6-8, 11yrs+
  • Intermediate Foundation/Intermediate/Advanced Foundation/Advanced/Pointe

11-14yrs+ (Professional level)

Level and Time:

  • Pre-Primary:4:00-5:00pm-¥250/hour
  • RAD Grade TWO:5:00-6:30pm-¥300/hour
  • RAD Grade FOUR:6:45-8:15pm-¥300/hour

12 Classes in total

Sep 21-Dec 14, 2023 (No class:Oct 5, 2023)

Min/Max attendees:6/12

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Class Details

  • Date: Sep 21, 2023
  • Time: 4:00 pm
  • Location: Pudong
  • Price: 3000 RMB-5400 RMB/12 sessions

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