An Introduction to Photography for Teens (12-15yrs)@ CCS Pudong

All module are designed to be fun and interactive with competitions to help students visualize how photographic concepts and skills can be applied in daily, travel or school activities.    Students will be encouraged to think and plan their photoshoot instead of just “press the button.

Day 1. Introduction of Basic Photography:
The first workshop introduces fundamental concepts in photography including use of SLR or mirrorless cameras and mobile phone, composition, depth of field control, shutter speed, simply lighting control and basic color adjustments.  We will focus on how to use a picture to tell a story or to record an event.  Students will be encouraged to use their creativity and think outside the box.  Students are required to send a photo that they took before the workshop.
Day 2. Lines & Shapes:
This module focuses on using lines and curves to compose a great picture in landscape and architecture as well as portrait.  Use of depth of field, contrast and black & white photography will be introduced.
Day 3.  Sports and events:
Use of the right shutter speed and AI focusing to capture movements and actions will be the focus of this module.  Students will be taught on how to capture essence of an event for story telling.  (It will be helpful for student to have a long focal tele-lens)
Day 4.  Macro photography: 
A walk in the park allows students to capture the amazing world of flowers and insects.  Use of proper combination of aperture, shutter speed and lighting will be covered in this module
Day 5. Travel & culture + basic post production skills:  
Traveling in China can be a very rewarding experience if you can properly use your camera to capture the essence of local culture such as people and ancient architectures.  Use of Snapseed to improve your photo as well as adding text will be introduced.  We will send the week with lunch in a venue that students can use the skills they acquired to practic.

Meet our tercher:

Lawrence is a professional photographer over 30 years as well as a traveller and executive coach who been to over 50 countries.  He specializes in taking pictures for minority groups and a number of his works were used by airlines and travel agencies as commercial ads.

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Class Details

  • Date: Aug 9, 2021
  • Time: 9:00 am
  • Location: Pudong
  • Price: 3,500 RMB

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