HSK 3 @CCS Minhang

In this course, we will use the HSK Standard Course 3 curriculum & workbook. After the course, students will master the 600 most frequently used Chinese words and relevant grammar.  It aims to be in accordance with the HSK3 test, and to provide students with training in listening and reading skills without neglecting practice in pronunciation and characters.

1. Listening and Reading. In each lesson, the listening and reading exercises examine how well students have learned the major language points and new words of the current lesson and previous lesson.

2. Characters. This part mainly demonstrates the way of recognizing and writing characters. So that students can imitate and practice writing them.

3. Both the diversity of form and difficulty of content in HSK3 have been increased. The topics are more abundant and the course covers more complex sentences patterns and richer vocabulary that can be used in language output.

In this way, students will have a sense of achievement as soon as possible. Upon finishing these books, students should be able to pass the HSK Level 3 test successfully and make steady progress in their Chinese learning.

To register or ask a question, scan the above QR code and send a message to “CCS Minhang Center” .

Class Details

  • Date: Apr 7, 2021
  • Time: 10:00 am
  • Location: Minhang
  • Price: 2,660 RMB / 14 sessions

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