2021 Fall Chinese Dim Sum Series@CCS Pudong

  • Making xiaolongbao

The traditional Xiaolongbao is also called a soup dumpling. Come learn how to make these delicious snacks with just two ingredients in the filling – pork and gelatinized broth. Taste your own hand-made creations in our kitchen.

During the class you will receive a recipe leaflet in English with Chinese character names for each ingredient.

  • Making dumplings

Dumpling, in China is not only a kind of food, but also contains the Chinese national culture. It is a delicious snack for every family at ordinary times, and it is also a necessary food in the evening of the New Year’s Eve, expressing people’s yearning and appeal for a better life.

  1. Fillings 1: with celery and pork
  2. Fillings 2: with cucumber, fungus and eggs
  • Hand-Pulled Noodles

Hand-pulled noodles are a local traditional cuisine in Shaanxi Province. They are also one of the oldest forms of noodle, with a history of more than 3,000 years. Master noodle-makers know how to pull the noodles while making a distinctive sound by slapping the noodles against a cutting board. The noodles can be as thick as chopsticks or as thin as needles, but no matter the thickness, are very robust. With the boiled noodles in the bowl, topped with a savory topping, the result is an aromatic masterpiece. Delicious!

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Class Details

  • Date: Oct 19, 2021
  • Time: 12:00 pm
  • Location: Pudong
  • Price: 280 - 320 RMB

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